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OA1 wedge screw screen trash remover
  • OA1 wedge screw screen trash remover


OA1 drum screw screen trash remover



Oa1 rotary drum spiral grid decontamination machine is a new type of equipment developed by our company by absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology and combined with the specific actual situation of China's water treatment project. It is suitable for the fine grid of urban sewage treatment plant. It is also a new product integrating the functions of interception, collection, transportation and pressing of grid dirt.



Structure and working principle:

The equipment adopts the rotary drum spiral type, with the circular screen cylinder as the grid surface and installed in the canal at 35 ° to the horizontal plane. When the sewage flows into the screen cylinder from the end of the grid, the filter slag larger than the grid gap is intercepted and deposited on the inner surface of the screen cylinder. The whole screen cylinder is driven and rotated by the motor. The slag brush and flushing paper above the screen cylinder clean the screen surface, wash the filter slag into the central material tank and lift it by the conveying screw, After pressing and dehydration, it falls into the material box or conveyor from the discharge port for outward transportation




Main features:

1. The whole machine has compact structure, small floor area, easy installation, operation and maintenance;

2. The clearance of equipment grid bar is small, which can be designed in the range of 1-5mm generally;

3. High sewage interception efficiency, closed transportation, no pollution to the environment;

4. The equipment can be fully automatic controlled, with stable operation, low energy consumption and low noise;

5. The equipment shall be automatically cleaned during operation without blockage.



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