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QXS Type  Desand Travelling Bridge
QXS bridge sand sucker
  • QXS Type Desand Travelling Bridge


QXS bridge sand sucker
QXS bridge sand suction machine is mainly used for sand water treatment of urban sewage treatment plant or tap water aeration grit chamber to lift the sand particles, cinders and other large particles at the bottom and sewage mixture to the sand discharge tank beside the tank: oil and slag handling devices can be added according to user requirements.
Structure and working principle:
The equipment adopts mobile bridge type and pump suction type. When the sand suction machine does not work, it stops at the water inlet end; When the sand suction machine is working, the crane is under the command of electrical control. When driving along the water flow, put down the skimming board first, scrape and collect the scum and skim it into the steel skimming tank at the pool end; When driving in the reverse direction, the skimming rake is lifted to leave the liquid level to prevent the reverse flow of scum: the sand water at the bottom of the tank is discharged into the sand collecting tank at the side of the tank through the suction pipe by the sand suction pump, and then flows into the sand water separator through the pipe for the next step of treatment, so as to make a round-trip work movement, so as to achieve the purpose of sand suction, sand discharge and slag removal.
Main features:
1. Reciprocating sand suction and slag skimming, high efficiency and simple structure;
2. The vortex type low lift submersible pump is used for sand suction, which does not need water diversion operation, has no blockage, wear resistance, and is safe and reliable
3. One way skimming, the pool surface is clean;
4. After aeration circulation, the organic matter on the sand particles has been washed, and the discharged sand particles have no odor;
5. The equipment is easy to operate and can directly control the operation of the equipment locally / remotely.
1. It can adapt to horizontal flow grit chamber or aeration grit chamber
2. The wheels at both ends are driven by the central independent driving device to ensure the synchronization of walking. 3. The patented rail clamping anti deviation device will never gnaw the rail
4. Two sand discharge methods, air stripping or pumping, can be selected
5. The water skimming (oil) device port is equipped with an electric control cabinet, and the control equipment operates fully automatically according to the set mode
6. Optional materials: carbon steel Epoxy Corrosion protection, carbon steel hot-dip galvanizing, stainless steel SS304 or SS316L
7. Optional power supply device: safety sliding contact wire, flexible cable and support port, optional accessories: steel rail, etc
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