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LSF Type  Desand Classifier
LSF Type  Desand Classifier
  • LSF Type Desand Classifier


LSF sand-water separator
LSF sand water separator is suitable for sand setting treatment of grit chamber in urban sewage treatment plant. It is mainly used together with cyclone grit chamber desander or bridge sand suction machine to further separate the discharged sand water mixture.
Structure and working principle:
The equipment adopts the shaftless spiral type. The sand water mixture is input from the upper part of the separator. The gravel settles by gravity in the sand water separation tank. By using the rotation of the shaftless spiral, the gravel is gradually pushed to the outlet along the groove of the 25% ship, falls into the receiving cylinder and is transported out. The separated water is discharged from the overflow port of the separation tank to improve the operating environment and facilitate outward transportation.
Main features:
1. The driving device adopts shaft mounted parallel shaft helical gear reducer, which has compact structure, stable and safe operation
2. The recovery of particles with particle size greater than 0.2mm can reach 96%
3. The U-shaped groove is provided with lining, which has strong wear resistance, long service life and easy replacement;
4. The whole machine is fully enclosed operation with good environmental conditions. The frame is fixed with expansion bolts without embedded parts;
5. The equipment can be linked with supporting equipment for easy control, and can also be equipped with local control box;
1. The maximum processing capacity of a single machine is 126m '/ h
2. The baffle V-shaped weir plate flows out to ensure the minimum sand content in the water, and there is no axial spiral sand discharge at the outlet to avoid blockage and overload
3. The U-shaped liner is made of high-quality engineering plastics, with good wear resistance, low-speed operation, low energy consumption and small wear
4. Spiral body material: high strength alloy steel, stainless steel SS304 or SS316L
5. Casing material: stainless steel SS304 or SS316L port: cyclone separator for pre separation
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