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LCS china type sand sucker
LCS china type sand sucker
  • LCS china type sand sucker

Automatic Mechnical screens for waste water treatment


LCS china type sand sucker
The chain money remover is mainly used in the horizontal flow sedimentation tank of the sewage treatment plant (station) to make the grit at the bottom of the grit tank outside the tank
Structure and working principle:
The chain desander mainly uses the scraper on the rotating chain to scrape the sand settled at the bottom of the tank out of the tank and into the collection bucket to complete the sand water separation. It can operate continuously or intermittently. The discharged sand is close to dry sand and does not need to be separated. The chain desander is mainly composed of transmission device, transmission support, sand guide cylinder, sand guide groove, frame and guide rail, chain and scraper, idler, tensioning device and driven sprocket.
Main features:
1. Special chain is adopted for reliable transmission.
2. Waterproof bearing with long service life.
3. Reasonable structure and stable operation
4. Sand scraping is complete and efficient.
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