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Automatic in-feeding plate mesh screen
  • Automatic in-feeding plate mesh screen

Automatic in-feeding plate mesh screen


First, the use
of inlet rotating fine grille (also known as membrane grille) is used to intercept the removal of water supply, drainage system smaller diameter suspended dirt and particle impurities, after rough grille treatment of the water source to further remove dirt.  
The company produces TYNJG type inward-flow rotating fine grille is digested and absorbed Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and other developed countries technology and domestic operation of the rotating grille characteristics, self-designed products. The whole machine is compact, occupies less land, is easy to install and easy to operate. Consider the maintenance of equipment, maintenance and extended service life, underwater transmission of motivation pieces, to avoid unnecessary mechanical failure.  
The company designed and produced the inlet-flow rotating fine grille adaptability, high security, reliable operation. Inlet rotating fine grille applicable to the use of small waste before the sediment pool, can effectively intercept the fibers into the water, plastics and other dirt, in the membrane treatment process plays a very good effect, to protect the membrane is not blocked, extend the life of the film.

Second, the structure and working principle Of the internal flow, the
fine grille is mainly composed of the drive device, the gate frame, the gate frame support system, the flushing system, the control system and other components. When working, sewage enters from the front of the grid frame, the grid slag is intercepted by the grid, after the grid slag is intercepted through the grid teeth, the grating slag is flushed by pressure water and gravity bar slag into the body funnel, and then transported to the garbage can or high-draining spiral press for dewatering after removal.  
Inward flow rotating fine grille unique way of water intake, sewage into the grille after the dirt is completely intercepted, removed. Will no longer be brought into the grille (and the garbage intercepted by a rotary decontamination machine with grille forward water may be brought back into the channel behind the grille, not to achieve the desired treatment).

Third, the main features
1. High capture rate: unique way of water intake, to ensure the efficient capture of all types of small grid slag.  
2. Large flow: single-channel grid overwater design, greatly improve the flow of water and reduce the loss of water head small.  
3. Save time: Vertical installation saves space.  
4. Easy to maintain: The gate plate is plug-in for easy removal and replacement.  
5. Installation of the whole machine, no need to change the original civil structure, suitable for the update of old equipment.  
6. Full automatic control can be achieved by timing and level difference.



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