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 With over 10 years  of  industry   water  treatment  experience,HC Flourish Industry Group Co.,Ltd.  has made  its  way to the international market and  won  its  good reputation as a professional filer supplier   in  manufacturing industrial liquid filters  products of superior design and premium  quality in  China .
     We pride ourselves on our superior customer and technical service. Our extensive inventory is available for prompt delivery, worldwide.

HFlourish   devoted to  serves the following industries

 ·Chemical & Petrochemical Processing
 · Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Biotechnology Processing

  ·Textiles industries ,Metallurgical steel industry;Mineral industry;

  ·Water Treatment, Purification & Reclamation ,Desalination;

 · Food, Beverage & Fermentation
 · Electronic Components, Photo & Audio Visual
· Surface Technology, Cleaning Machines, Nuclear power plant
  · Critical Liquid Process Applications
 · Agricultrure  irrigation

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